Charles Sauer

Charles Sauer is president of the Market Institute.

Cronyism: Immune to Elections


Last week’s elections changed a lot of things. Trump no longer has the support of both chambers of Congress. Leader McConnell will now be fighting for bills to move further right than left. And, of course the fight over recyclable plasticware in the House will be back in full force — LONG LIVE STRAWS THAT […]

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Governor Cuomo Uses Environmentalism to Excuse Crony Corruption


The political left’s playbook isn’t very big, but it is always amazing how boldly they run it and nobody is proud to re-run the same old plays more than New York’s Governor Cuomo. If a football team only had two plays, they might wander onto the field sheepishly with the fear that everyone knew what […]

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Cronyism Loses: Time for a Relaxing Summer


For supporters of the free market, one of the highlights of the year is Congress’s summer recess. It’s normally a time to relax and relish the fact that Congress isn’t passing laws, plotting to pass laws, and throwing away taxpayer money. This year summer recess is even better. First, the recess is two weeks longer […]

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