C.H. Fowler

C.H. Fowler is an American plebian living abroad.

So Predictably Disrespectful


In the 19th Century, respectability was important in most of the Western world. Men and women of all classes strove for it. Sometimes the striving was emotionally painful and financially difficult. Possibly in reaction, artists in France adopted épater le bourgeois as their rallying cry. Needless to say, the theme didn’t stay within French borders. […]

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Palin Stalker Trivializes Nazis


On the Today show this morning, an aspiring old author, Mr. Joe McGinniss, hoping to write a book and cash in on the left’ s obsession with the dazzling former Governor of Alaska, Mrs. Sarah Palin, defended his locating next door to the home of the subject of his planned diatribe. McGinniss cleared matters up […]

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War-Caused Innovations


News reports often cover the sadness, brutality, and ugliness of war. It is right and desirable that this side of war be presented in an honest straightforward way. But there’s more to the picture. This post won’t list all of the recent changes brought by military necessity and science, but it will list a few that may […]

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How Bad Is the Economy? Ask a Young Adult


There is plenty of unusual and anecdotal evidencethat the economy is in bad shape. Some harder evidence was revealed yesterday during National Public Radio’s “Talk of the Nation.” Host Neal Conan questioned his guest, Mr. Koc, Director of Strategic and Foundation Research, National Association of Colleges and Employers, about the overall condition of hiring for […]

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