Carten Cordell

Carten Cordell is a reporter in the Virginia bureau of

Can He Unite Virginia’s GOP?


ALEXANDRIA, Va. — E.W. Jackson played every card in the deck to win Virginia’s Republican lieutenant governor nomination Saturday night in Richmond — a rousing speech, a dedicated base, and charismatic appeal to undecided conservative delegates. Now, though, the media spotlight is turning to controversial comments Jackson has made about the gay community and claims about Barack Obama’s alleged “Muslim perspective.” He’s going to have […]

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Cuccinelli’s Party


ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Virginia Republicans this weekend will launch an experiment in politics, opting for a party convention instead of an election to choose a slate of candidates for statewide offices. The move eliminates a long, drawn out and often expensive primary season. But while the goal is to give voice to a diverse electorate, the […]

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