C. Jarrett Dieterle

Jarrett Dieterle is a fellow at the R Street Institute in Washington.

Appalachia Ain’t Just Moonshine Anymore


It’s not often one can take several weeks off, pile into a car, and hit the open road without any significant responsibilities piling up (or email inboxes overflowing). I was able to do just that in January, before starting my new think tank gig. The result was a two-week road trip — along with my […]

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So Many Drinks Laws: An Interview with Food Policy Expert Baylen Linnekin


In his recent book, Biting the Hands That Feed Us (Island Press, 2016), food-policy scholar Baylen Linnekin exposes many of America’s nightmare food laws. From the so-called “cheese board rule” that contemplated forbidding cheesemakers from aging their cheese on wooden boards, to laws that shut down producers of salumi who refused to use nitrates in […]

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Welcome to Virginia


Craft distilling may be undergoing a renaissance, but in the shadow of George Washington’s Mount Vernon (home to one of the nation’s first distilleries), you can barely get a full flight of whiskey. Were Washington, our nation’s original craft distiller, operating his still today, he would face a dizzying array of state-imposed regulations and taxes. […]

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Virginia’s Food-Beverage Ratio Prioritizes Cronyism Over Consumers


Virginia may be for lovers, but the state’s draconian liquor laws make nights out on the town not so lovely. The commonwealth is home to some of America’s worst alcohol laws. Up until 2008 sangria was treated as contraband and restaurants are still forbidden from advertising their happy-hour specials. But there’s no more infamous state […]

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