Bruce Chapman

Bruce Chapman, Chairman of the Board of Discovery Institute, was a U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Organization in Vienna under President Reagan, Secretary of State of the State of Washington, 1975-81, and a member of official U.S. delegations to observe elections abroad.

What Happens if Venezuela Cuts Off Castro’s Oil?


What happens if Venezuela cuts off its massive oil subsidy for Cuba and Nicaragua? That at last is possible. Americans are so preoccupied with ISIS and terrorism right now that we are barely noticing a huge shift in the politics of Latin America. Among other things, Cuba’s future is suddenly in greater doubt, as is, […]

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‘Ivory Tower’ — A Documentary Babel


Conservatives have assumed that young people are coming to understand that increased government inducements to take out student loans for college are traps that keep graduates from becoming financially independent, starting families and otherwise embracing full adulthood. What started modestly as scholarship aid is now a trillion dollar loan program that perversely gives colleges and […]

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Christian Persecution Woldwide


The United Kingdom this month held what may turn out to be an historic debate on the topic of the growing persecution of Christians in the world. The debate — and an action agenda — should be picked up in the U.S. Christians are targeted for persecution more than any other faith in our times. […]

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Roosevelt-Roosevelt 2014


Ken Burns, whose film series have illuminated American history on PBS for decades (The Civil War, The National Parks, Jazz, Baseball and on and on), is arguably the leading documentarian of our time. Now he and his talented team from Walpole, N.H., have completed The Roosevelts, a 14-hour series that will spread over seven successive […]

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Obama’s Goat


The National Park System has a budget of $2.6 billion, much of it raised by concession and attendance fees. Even if it were entirely taxpayer-funded it would represent only .00068 of every federal dollar in our $3.8 trillion budget. Nonetheless, hardball-playing White House strategists have made it the most conspicuous instrument of pain inflicted by the federal shutdown. The […]

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Coming Next, an Obama-Corps for America’s Youth


Universal national service for Americans 18-28 is the goal of the most prestigious gathering of the Establishment so far this year, an invitation-only “Summit” presently taking place at the Aspen Institute in Colorado (June 24-25). Two hundred of the shiniest names in philanthropy, government, business, and media — including a sprinkling of Republican notables — […]

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A Classic Evolution Policy Blunder


Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed into law last year an act that sets parameters for teachers who introduce scientific supplements on Darwinian evolution, global warming, human cloning and other controversial subjects. The state’s Science Education Act encourages “open and objective discussion of scientific theories being studied.” It specifically prohibits religious instruction or interpretations (or irreligious interpretations, […]

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