Brooke Oberwetter

Chile Out


When he is stumping for his personal retirement accounts vision for Social Security reform, President Bush often points to the success of Chile, which introduced personal accounts in the early 1980s. If a poor South American nation could make the reform work, the argument runs, so could the United States. Opponents of Bush’s reform have […]

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Our Nation’s Top Dog


Harry Truman said, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” It’s sound advice. As we’ve seen time and again, you certainly can’t count on your wife or even your children to provide support while you’re president. When times get tough in Washington, man’s best friend just might be man’s only friend — […]

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Golden Archenemies


WASHINGTON — While Morgan Spurlock, the man behind the brand new documentary Super Size Me, ordered Big Macs with a super-sized Coke and a side of large fries, Soso Whaley, filmmaker and adjunct scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, was ordering Chicken Caesar Salads with a side of common sense. Spurlock and Whaley embarked on […]

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Sweatshop Slackers


WASHINGTON — When I arrived at Franklin Square a quarter past eleven this Saturday, there were more cops than protesters. A dozen police officers on motorcycles waited outside the Metro outlet across the street and several boys in blue dotted every block for miles. As for the park itself, police on horseback were in opposite […]

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Private Concern


The Senate Democratic leadership is using an Internet petition to send a message to President Bush: preserve the current Social Security system. But given that younger people most often use the Internet, and that younger workers stand to lose the most by defending the status quo, perhaps this particular delivery system was a bit of […]

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