Brian Johnson

Sebelius, Labor, and the “Grand Plan” for Health Care?


With the nomination of KS Governor Kathleen Sebelius to head up Health and Human Services, the President once again made no secret of the fact that he beholden to the special interests of organized labor. Though Sebelius was not his first choice, it is no coincidence that she was eventually tapped to fill in for […]

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Unions Should not be so Confident in EFCA Passing Senate


Recent articles surrounding the Employee Free Choice Act have focused on it’s likelyhood of passing the Senate. A statement by the AFL-CIO legislative director Bill Sammuel to reporters claims that the unions think they have the votes needed to pass card check. However, I disagree.  Now, I am assuming everyone knows what “card check” and […]

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Play “O-BINGO” with Obama Tonight


If you’re like me, you wish there was something to do while listening to the Obama-ganda tonight. Well now there is. From the people who brought you the Taxpayer Protection Pledge (which almost saved California from higher taxes), and the famous “Wednesday Meeting“, comes a new play-at-home game that is fun for the whole family. […]

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