Brendan Conway

Brendan Conway is an editorial writer at the Washington Times and a 2006 journalism fellow at the Phillips Foundation.

Double Blind


HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY — The Washington Post couldn’t resist this one: “A blind rabbi walks onto a roof and announces he’s running for Congress.” And why not? The subject was Dr. Dennis Shulman. Shulman, who is indeed a blind rabbi, is running for Congress. To judge by the coverage, one hopes he does not mind […]

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HIV Minds


In January, Peace Corps volunteer Jeremiah S. Johnson tested positive for HIV. He was deported from host country Ukraine and discharged from the Corps. A nation that reports Europe’s highest HIV-AIDS death rate turns out unsurprisingly to have qualms about foreigners with life-threatening communicable infections. The Washington Post, however, has qualms not only with the […]

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Those Fightin’ Dems


Only five or six of the dozens of military veterans running for Congress on the Democratic ticket today will win their House and Senate races, and maybe fewer. That will be quite ironic, after the drumbeat over Democratic military-vet candidates this year — especially considering the generally favorable electoral environment. But for things to turn […]

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Who Will Succeed Henry Hyde?


WHEATON, Ill. — The numbers whirring upwards on Illinois Congresswoman Judy Biggert’s computer screen are starting to enliven things at congressional hopeful and state senator Peter Roskam’s headquarters. Each one represents a phone call to a female Republican or independent likely voter in this hard-fought suburban Chicago district, where 31-year incumbent Henry Hyde is retiring […]

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A Test for “Fighting Dems”


Not many Democrats realize it, but today is an important day for their party. Years from now, election-watchers could look back at June 13, 2006 as the moment Democrats rediscovered anti-war veterans — or as the day they finally discarded the gimmicky but potentially Earth-moving idea of running war heroes as candidates to seem stronger […]

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