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Bob Luddy is president of CaptiveAire, Inc. in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Letters From Catholic Mothers (Part III)


Today we present our third installment of letters from mothers living in the diocese of Raleigh, North Carolina. (For part one, click here; part two, here.) These faithful Catholics have drawn the line and expect real leadership from their bishop, a sentiment Brittany Makely, author of today’s missive, couldn’t be more clear in expressing. The […]

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Letters From Catholic Mothers (Part II)


Yesterday we ran the first of these letters. Today we include two more, from mothers in the Raleigh, N.C. diocese to which I belong as well. These women further reflect the important voice the laity is giving to Catholic reactions to the unconscionable behavior of Church leadership. Catholic believers are out to defend their faith […]

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Letters From Catholic Mothers


Pope Francis’s ongoing refusal to respond to the allegations of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò continues to cause great harm to the church and the laity. The Catholic News Agency reports on the evidence received by the Vatican as far back as 2000. The Catholic Church has existed for two thousand years because its teachings are directly […]

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An Open Letter to the Catholic Bishops


One of the most important responsibilities of our society is to nurture, teach, and protect our children. We are failing our children at many levels, especially because we are not protecting our youth from pedophiles and predators. Last week, a Pennsylvania grand jury reported that several hundred Catholics priests might be predators. The Catholic Church […]

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A Global Trade War Will Do Us No Good


President Trump’s trade policies are beginning to have a negative impact both here at home and abroad. Take, for example, Harley Davidson’s recent decision to move part of their production overseas after the EU, in response to Trump’s tariffs, raised the tariffs on Harley motorcycles from 6% to a massive 32%. This great American company is being compromised […]

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Tariffs Are Taxes — and a Political and Economic Killer


America was founded in 1776 with a clear mission to create the world’s first truly free society. Freedom of religion, interstate trade, and unalienable rights provided citizens the ability to thrive and blossom. The great experiment produced unthinkable abundance and made America the greatest example of a unilateral free trade zone in world history. Fifty states […]

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Calvin Coolidge, Honorary Founder


Calvin Coolidge was the great successor of our Founders, maintaining many of their principles. He respected human dignity and Judeo-Christian traditions, he was courageous, and he practiced saying, “No.” He fostered a limited government that was stable and predictable. Ultimately, he understood and supported the freedom and the liberty to live, worship, and create as the foundations of prosperity and peace.

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America’s Two Democracies


America has two democracies, one political and the other free market. The concept of a political democracy dates back to Plato and his “Republic.” Ludwig von Mises and my mentor Dr. Bill Peterson (a student and colleague of Mises) wrote extensively about our market democracy. Both of these great men are now just a memory […]

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The Fed’s Risky, Unchartered Course


The Federal Reserve Bank, also known as “The Fed,” was created in 1913 to regulate the banks and to ensure a stable dollar. The Fed has strayed from its initial charter and is now the primary enabler of federal deficit spending and debt, which is now almost $20 trillion. The Fed’s primary tool is low […]

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Tyler Cowen Refuses to Be Complacent


The Complacent Class: The Self-Defeating Quest for the American Dream Tyler Cowen (St. Martin’s Press, 241 pages, $28.99) Tyler Cowen’s social and economic insights are artfully revealed in The Complacent Class. We often think of America as a nation of risk-takers and innovators, but Cowen provides a sobering, incisive look at why our economy is […]

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