Barton Gingerich

Barton Gingerich is a research assistant at the Institute on Religion and Democracy in Washington, D.C.

Ex-Evangelicals & Chili Cornbread Eucharist


Last week witnessed a rain-soaked gathering centered upon “the intersection of music, justice, spirituality and art” in Hot Springs, North Carolina. The muddy campground attracting an estimated 2,200 participants at times resembled Yoda’s swamp world of Dagobah, complete with Evangelical Left luminaries espousing theologies similar to the aged Star Wars character’s new age pronouncements. The […]

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A Transcendentalist Moment


Future historians will probably remember 2013 as a turning point in public prayer. No doubt controversy will rage on a topic so political. And I don’t mean the partisan dismissal of Louie Giglio for his stance on sexuality; I refer instead to the introductory prayer by Myrlie Evers-Williams. A former Democratic Congressional candidate and the […]

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