Ayanna Nahmias

Ayanna Nahmias, a convert to Judaism, publishes the Nahmias Cipher Report, covering human rights around the world.

Foul Legacy: The Children of Terrorism


What is it like to be raised by a militant or religious extremist? This is not something people like to think about, raising uncomfortable images. Children ensnared in a reality that promotes extremism, punishes free thinking, and kills dissenters. Children trapped in a life of indoctrination which makes the abnormal acceptable and the irrational logical. […]

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A Tale of Two Societies


How many of us could walk through the desert to sit outside of school because we had such a thirst for knowledge? Gaze through a hole in a mud schoolhouse with a tin roof? Stare at a chalk board covered in symbols, seeing letters for the first time? Walk home for several hours? And then […]

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