Avi Dov Klein

Woodward: The Secretive Man


In his latest book The Secret Man, Bob Woodward recalls that some years after Watergate he was approached by Washington Post colleague Richard Cohen. According to Woodward, Cohen had decided on his own that Mark Felt was Deep Throat and intended to say so in an upcoming article. “I lied, and insisted to Cohen that […]

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The Strategic Illogic of Political Science


Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism By Robert A. Pape (Random House, 335 pages, $25.95) Is there anything interesting left to be said about suicide terrorism? Robert A. Pape sure thinks there is, and so will you if you’re fooled by the cockeyed statistics in Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of […]

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The Jomo Kenyatta Professor of Law


Lawyers are not usually good at math. There is no quantitative section on the LSAT and aside from figuring percentages as contingency fees most lawyers are blissfully ignorant of numbers. Susan Estrich, professor of law at University of Southern California, however, loves math, arithmetic to be precise. (Full disclosure: I am a graduate of USC […]

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