Autry J. Pruitt

Autry J. Pruitt is a nationally syndicated radio host on UrRepublic. He can be followed on Twitter @autry.

Memo to Conservatives: Stop Helping Hillary


Sunday’s presidential debate got me thinking about a twitter conversation I had this weekend with Jonah Goldberg, a columnist for National Review and other publications. I like Jonah. He’s what I would call an ideological conservative purist. But I break with him on the most critical issue of this election cycle. Jonah and like-minded conservatives […]

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In Defense of Pence


Here is a sad but true confession. With every single political candidate, no matter the political party, I have to ask myself, “Do I believe in my heart that the candidate is a racist?”  The process is remarkably consistent, election year after election year. Some news outlet will report on some obscure blog or Tweet […]

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Truth and Khansequences


Imagine a candidate for president of the United States saying that the grieving mother of an American killed in combat is “absolutely wrong,” in her account of the circumstances surrounding her son’s death, taking to a national stage and essentially calling the mother a liar. We might — and should — expect outrage at the […]

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Right to Work Republicanism


Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s history on illegal immigration has placed him in league with some of the Senate’s most notorious liberals. Rand Paul’s positions on foreign relations and domestic law enforcement prompted Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol to proclaim that the Kentucky senator, “has now decided he wants to be a liberal Democrat.” Goldman Sachs […]

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