Ashby M. Foote III

Ashby M. Foote III is president of Vector Money Management in Jackson, Mississippi.

lessons from four terms ago


Back in the 3rd week of 1993, the same week as Bill Clinton’s first inagural, National Review sponsored a Conservative Summit in D.C.  I attended was quite invigorated by the gig which featured a wide selection of the leading conservative pols, writers and thinkers at that time.  Republicans had been laid low and like today […]

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Half-Time Speech


This is my half-time speech with 24 hours to go:  It was 41 years ago this past Sunday (October 26, 1967), that John McCain took one for the team – the American Team that is.  It was that day McCain’s A4 Skyhawk had its right wing blown off micro seconds after John triggered the release […]

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“Holy Toledo”


What a week for Toledo, Ohio.  On Saturday the University football team travels to the Big House in Ann Arbor and knocks off the Michigan Wolverines 13-10.  But amaizing as that seemed the triumphs of the Rockets would soon be eclipsed by the insight and words of a plumber from nearby Holland, Ohio.  It was […]

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Of Stocks and Stockcars


Stocks are on a tear, with the Dow Jones up a thousand points in two months and advancing in 24 out of 27 sessions during one stretch, tying an 80-year-old record. This despite the concerns and anxiety of some of Wall Street’s most seasoned strategists, not to mention a skeptical public, judging by the net […]

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Extreme Makeover — Gulf Coast Style


JACKSON, Miss. — “Scattered, Smothered, Covered, Chunked, Capped and Topped” — no, not an order at Waffle House for hash browns almost all the way, but rather a sober description of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, post-Katrina. Waffle House, by the way, lost seven restaurants to Katrina, not just out of operation, but scraped clean to […]

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Are You Ready for Some Hogwash?


It is September and that means time for sports fans to talk college football, new coaches, returning starters, injury reports, defensive schemes and the chances of making a bowl game. Not so fast, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the institution that oversees college sports, has more pressing issues on its mind, like eliminating Native […]

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