Arnold S. Trebach

Arnold S. Trebach is a professor emeritus at American University. His latest book has been published in Kindle format on Amazon.

Racism and Lies in Ferguson


When I was involved in the original and only true civil rights movement a lifetime ago, I never dreamed that black and white liberal leaders would still be playing the race card today, half a century later. Call me a naïve idealist but I actually believed that by now racism would be buried in America […]

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Zimmerman and Obama


In the likely event that George Zimmerman is acquitted, it is also likely that there will be explosions of racial violence all over this country. Even in the event of a guilty verdict, it is possible in this emotional situation that there will be violent actions by those on all sides of this tense issue, […]

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The Forgotten Scandal


Our Attorney General and his boss in the Oval Office have started a combined remorse and charm offensive, which is certainly welcome in light of their numerous scandalous transgressions in recent months. Actually of course those transgressions go back for years. Messrs. Obama and Holder have recently declared that they want to rethink how they […]

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A Reply to My Commenters


The comments so far on my most recent piece (“Despair Inside the Beltway”), which ran here yesterday, have usually fit a familiar pattern: tear down the writer who voted for Mr. Obama even though he has now seen the error of his ways and is working for change. In my humble opinion, little progress toward change is […]

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Despair Inside the Beltway


The second inauguration of our sitting president will take place this coming weekend as this is being written. It is a time of great happiness for most of my neighbors and friends inside the beltway, indeed for most people in the country. But I find myself in despair for our beloved country. It is quite […]

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The Zimmerman Judge Must Withdraw


Attorney Mark O’Mara took a proper and also a courageous step when he filed a motion yesterday requesting trial judge Kenneth Lester to withdraw from presiding over the prosecution of George Zimmerman on the charge of second degree murder, which carries a possible sentence of life in prison. As it happens, I had also made […]

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Memo to the Zimmerman Judge


Honorable Kenneth R. Lester, Jr. Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Court Seminole County, Florida Dear Judge Lester: I just finished reading the text of the “Order Setting Bail” regarding George Zimmerman, wherein you raised the bail to one million dollars. With great respect, I am moved to tell you that it was a distressing experience to this old […]

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The Trayvon Martin Nightmare


The Martin-Zimmerman matter is a nightmare because of the way in which government officials, private citizens, and the media have made blunder after blunder in taking a sad situation and provoking it into a national and international catastrophe. Instead of acting as the leader of the nation and seeking to calm the situation, President Obama […]

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Obama’s Greatest Failing


This is the season to be counting all of the defects of our political leaders, including of course the top one. The word on the street is that Mr. Obama’s failure to produce enough jobs will spell his political doom. However, in my view there is a good argument that our president’s most important failing […]

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