Angela Logomasini

Angela Logomasini is CEI’s Senior Fellow in Environmental Risk, Regulation and Consumer Freedom.

Green Alarmism about Sunscreen Debunked


Often spoon-fed alarmist hype by green activist groups, reporters rarely get the science right about the risks associated with trace chemicals found in consumer products. Accordingly, kudos go to the author of a piece published on Fox News (originally published on, which debunks activist-generatedmisinformation about chemicals used to make sunscreens. In the past, I have pointed out that Fox […]

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How Markets Benefit Honeybees and Mankind


After more than a decade of panicked reports about honeybees disappearing and potentially going extinct because of a phenomenon called “colony collapse disorder,”The Washington Post reported last week that the number of hives in the United States has reached a 20 year high. At the same time, I was making presentation at a meeting of the American Legislative Exchange […]

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