Andrew Egger

Andrew Egger is an editorial intern for The American Spectator and senior at Hillsdale College.

IRS Admits Existence of 6,924 Unreleased Documents Related to Tea Party Targeting


Four years after the IRS first admitted to targeting conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, the Agency still has not come entirely clean, according to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit from Judicial Watch. On February 14, the IRS admitted to the court that they had located 6,924 documents of previously unreleased records which could relate […]

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President Trump Signs Order Revoking Federal Funding for Abortion Overseas


During the election season, many conservatives worried about how sincere Donald Trump, a longtime supporter of legal abortion and Planned Parenthood, was in his promises to promote pro-life policies. The President’s first move on the issue ought to reassure them. President Trump signed an executive order Monday morning reinstating the so-called “Mexico City Policy,” which […]

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Obama Rolls Supporters Into Long-Term Federal Positions


As his term comes to a close, President Obama is continuing to promote staffers and supporters into more permanent positions at a furious clip, with the White House announcing 29 new appointments Tuesday morning. Some of these appointments are innocuous, like those of gymnast Gabrielle Douglas and basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to the President’s Council […]

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Trumprage of the Day: 2017 Edition


It’s a bright new year, but lefties show no signs of abandoning their 2016 game-plan for dealing with Donald Trump: gasping with breathless disapproval at every little thing he does. Over the weekend, that meant a return to two old standbys: bad tweets and golf. On New Year’s Eve, Donald Trump (sticking to his own […]

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Russian Ambassador to Turkey Assassinated in Terrorist Attack


The Russian ambassador to Turkey was assassinated this evening in a terrorist attack, apparently in retaliation for Russian intervention in Syria and Aleppo. Ambassador Andrey Karlov was speaking at an art gallery in Ankara when a Turkish gunman, clad in a suit and tie, approached him from behind and shot him several times at close […]

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Delusions of an Ohio State Stabber


Today’s would-be-killer at OSU, a Somali refugee named Abdul Razak Ali Artan, was interviewed for the regular “Humans of Ohio State” feature in his campus paper three months ago. “I’m a Muslim, but it’s not what the media portrays me to be,” he said. “But I don’t blame [other OSU students]. It’s the media that […]

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Potential FBI Indictment Hobbles Clinton Campaign


Over the past few weeks, Hillary Clinton has achieved what many thought impossible: She’s made Donald Trump’s October implosion seem like a thing of the distant past. Bret Baier of Fox News reported yesterday that a year-long federal investigation of Clinton Foundation pay-to-play corruption is “very likely” to yield an indictment, according to two FBI […]

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The Chicago Cubs: America’s Team


A three-hopper to third baseman Kris Bryant. A quick flip to Anthony Rizzo at first. Just like that, the Chicago Cubs closed the door on the Cleveland Indians and 108 years of heartbreak and mediocrity. This World Series’ Game 7 was everything you hope for a Game 7 to be. Superstars like Rizzo and Bryant […]

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Paul Ryan’s Not-So-Nemesis: Paul Nehlen’s Self-Serving Bid for Speaker


Mere months after being routed by Paul Ryan in the Wisconsin primary, businessman Paul Nehlen is challenging the Speaker again. Last Tuesday, Nehlen announced that he was throwing his hat into the ring — not for Ryan’s congressional seat, but for his job as Speaker of the House. “Real America knows that D.C. lives in […]

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