Amy K. Mitchell

Amy K. Mitchell is a former managing editor of The American Spectator.

These Guys Really Are Good


This past week something amazing happened in Washington, D.C. Washingtonians put aside political differences, cheered competitors on, and had a great time — all for a good cause! What was the reason for this sudden change in character? Two words: Tiger Woods. When Washington wants to be hospitable, and charitable, she does so on a […]

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Double Trouble


This article appears in the new March issue of The American Spectator. To subscribe to our monthly print edition, click here. James Bond on Jack’s Turf: Taunts Bauer Again, Calls Him “Rubbish” — New York Times headline, February 30, 2007 After months of transatlantic bickering and tabloid name-calling, the public feud between Jack Bauer and […]

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Thinking About Tomorrow


This article appeared in the April 2006 issue of The American Spectator. To subscribe, please click here. Good Morning. I hope you’ve all recovered from last night. Judging by all the Starbucks cups I see around the room, though, I’d guess not. (Muted laughter) We’ve got a lot to get through today. Again, I want […]

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