Amanda C. Elliott

Amanda C. Elliott is a writer in Washington, D.C.

Can You Imagine a President Lindsey Graham?


Less than a week before Election Day 2014, Democrats in South Carolina finally got what they’ve long been waiting for: proof that dirt on Senator Lindsey Graham does, indeed, exist. No one expected it to affect his re-election, but the glimpse into Graham’s unscripted life was noteworthy nonetheless. The big secret? That the venerable senator […]

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Raul Labrador: The Negotiator


Washington is a city full of dueling egos, a kind of bubble of exaggerated self-awareness. But it’s where Raul Labrador, the forty-something immigration lawyer-turned-Congressman, has made his bed. There is something brutally honest about Labrador. And it’s not just that he tells it like he sees it or that he has a diagnosis for every […]

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The Prosecutor


Summer in the south can be a soul-crushing experience. In South Carolina’s Fourth Congressional District especially, the humidity traps still heat and mosquitoes, made worse by the torturous proximity of cool mountains to the west, and breezy ocean to the east. But in July of 2009, Trey Gowdy faced something far more malicious. A serial […]

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