Alice Chao

Alice Chao is a member of the Spectator‘s Young Journalists Training Program.

The Party for Women?


It’s been interesting to watch Democratic women react to the recent scandals involving Bob Filner and Anthony Weiner. Prominent female Democrats have started to join the shouts for these men to do what’s best and just leave the political arena for good. But the question should be asked: Why now? Neither of these men’s personal […]

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San Diego’s Hypocritical Democrats


Mayor (and former congressman) Bob Filner of San Diego is having what one might call a difficult month. His fiancée broke up with him and new allegations of sexual harassment from his fellow Democrats have cropped up. Filner’s fiancée broke off their engagement because, according to her, he “recently began texting other women sexually explicit […]

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Toasting the Declaration


The Boston Beer Company, maker of the omnipresent Samuel Adams lager, released a commercial leading up to July 4 in which the Declaration of Independence is read — with one glaring omission: The narrator is quoted as saying: “All men are created equal, that they are endowed with certain unalienable rights: life, liberty and the pursuit […]

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Will Komen 2.0 Be Any Different?


The Susan G. Komen Foundation announced in June that it had selected a new CEO, Judy Salerno, to replace founder Nancy Brinker, who announced her intention to step down last year in the wake of controversy over the charity’s decision to cease funding Planned Parenthood. That decision, though quickly reversed, caused several of the Foundation’s […]

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