Alan B. Somers

Alan B. Somers is member of The American Spectator Foundation’s board of directors living in Bloomington, Indiana.

Kent Owen, R.I.P.


Kent Christopher Owen died December 5, 2015. He began his life in Owen County, Indiana, and being a seventh generation Hoosier was ideally suited to become Indiana editor of The American Spectator when it relocated to our nation’s capital thirty years ago, as well as the interlocutor of The Saturday Evening Club West. Kent was […]

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Taking Brundage


Rome 1960: The Olympics That changed the World By David Maraniss (Simon & Schuster, 478 pages, $26.95) Reviewed by Alan B. Somers In 2004, NBC presented a program titled “1960: The Last Olympics of Innocence,” and in 2008 David Maraniss gives us Rome 1960: The Olympics That Changed the World. Why the fascination for this […]

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In Michael Phelps’ Skin


WASHINGTON — After decades as ardent fans of Grand Prix racing and of international swimming competition, we have come to the conclusion that in both sports engineering has become more important than the competitors. In Grand Prix driving it is not surprising that engineering has come to overshadow the talent and gallantry of the drivers. […]

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