Akbar Atri

Iran: Round Two


Western news media consider elections in many countries to be legitimate only if international monitors declare them so. Yet, when it came to Iran’s presidential runoff last week — where no such monitors were allowed — they took the government’s stated results at face value. In fact, the election of former Tehran Mayor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad […]

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Nuclear Iran and the Wizard of Oz


When it comes to understanding last Friday’s presidential election in Iran, one should not do as many Western media have done, which is to take it at face value. Many interpretations are available and we may never know which one is correct. What we do know for certain is that it was a sham. Like […]

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The Goose, the Gander, and Iran


While leaders of European Union nations are trying to decide how to interpret the French people’s “no” vote on the EU constitution — and what to do next — I see the event as having great potential significance for my country, Iran. My interest is not in why the French people turned down the new […]

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