Adam Brandon

Adam Brandon is president and CEO of FreedomWorks.

Thanks to Trump, Pruitt, Gorsuch, and Goodlatte, the Constitution Is Back in Business


America has begun the process of reclaiming the Constitution. This week, the Senate is taking up the confirmation Judge Neil Gorsuch, one of many Trump nominees known for his dedication to constitutional government. This follows the Senate confirmation of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA — a federal agency he has […]

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In His Final Year, Obama Reaps What He Has Sown


Even as President Obama took to the national stage to assure the nation that the state of the union is strong and that the American economy is robust, back in the real world, the cracks were starting to show. For years, economists who understand the consequences of government interventionism in markets have warned that the […]

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Boehner’s Budget Betrayal Will Haunt Republicans


In one of his final acts before leaving Congress, now-former House Speaker John Boehner teamed up with President Obama for one last embrace. This unholy union concocted a scheme to bust the spending caps, while virtually eliminating the debt ceiling for the final 15 months of Obama’s term in office. While Boehner and Obama pushing […]

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States Need to Get Serious About Pension Reform


It’s clear that the economy is going to be one of the driving issues in the 2016 presidential campaign, but with the entire country riveted to national politics, it’s easy to forget that state issues are at least as important as what the federal government is doing. Of the 16 Republican candidates, seven have been […]

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