A.J. Caschetta

A.J. Caschetta is a Ginsburg-Ingerman fellow at the Middle East Forum and a senior lecturer at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Has State Dept. Finally Abandoned Its Palestinian Fantasies?


The biggest obstacles to peace between Palestinians and Israelis are the Palestinian Authority (PA), its president Mahmoud Abbas, the PLO, and Fatah — the very parties that have been promoted as Israel’s peace partners for the last 25 years. After its own futile attempts to forge a deal between the parties, the Trump administration now […]

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What Pnina Peri Tells Us About Israel Studies


The May 30 cellphone video depicting a woman berating two Jewish men for performing a Jewish prayer at an airport would probably never have made news, let alone “gone viral,” were it not for a confluence of details that make the entire episode so bizarre. It is peculiar that the location was Ben Gurion Airport […]

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 ‘The Folly of Proportionate Warfare’


For most of 2018, Israel has endured constant attacks, some disguised as protests like the PLO’s “Days of Rage” and Hamas’ “March of Return,” and others less subtle. But when Israel defends itself against guns, grenades, flaming kites, drones, or missiles, the UN is always quick to condemn it for “the disproportionate use of force,” […]

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