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Another Shady Side of Solar


Here’s a dilemma for you: what does President Trump do when the solar panel manufacturing industry asks for trade protection? That’s not just a humorous exploration into Trump’s trade philosophy, it’s a real question that could soon come to his desk in the Oval Office. Though Trump has never been gun-shy on imposing tariffs against […]

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Keeping Up With the Jones Act


Imagine, for a moment, that there was a law that required goods moved between two American ports be transported on American ships that were built within the United States. Not a restriction on what ships could transport goods from a foreign port to an American port, simply a restriction on what ships could move cargo […]

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Seattle’s Ridesharing Ordinance Is So Behind the Times


Seattle’s ordinance allowing Uber and Lyft drivers to unionize cleared a legal hurdle last week as a District Court judge dismissed an attempt by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to block the ordinance from being implemented. Supporters of the ordinance have justified it by offering up the usual trite narrative about a powerful company using its legal power […]

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Tariffs Are Behind Skyrocketing Lumber Prices


Back in April, President Trump slapped tariffs of around 20 percent on the Canadian softwood lumber industry. At the time, I wrote that it would cause lumber prices to rise, citing estimates that prices could increase by around 6.4 percent. Well, it turns out I was wrong, and lumber prices have not risen by around 6 or […]

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Dear Canada, No More Trees Please


Wondering where the impetus for President Trump’s recent actions slapping tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber came from? A simple phrase helps to figure it out: cui bono — who benefits? The answer to that is fairly simple: the American lumber industry. Unsurprisingly, that is exactly who pushed these tariffs. Unfortunately, if you’re planning on buying a house, […]

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The FAA Makes Air Travel Terrible


For most people, flying is not very enjoyable. Delays are common, prices are high, and flights are uncomfortable and long. You can even get kicked off a flight that you paid for, as the recent United Airlines scandal has reminded everyone. Yet, there has been at least one idea to alleviate all these problems. Unfortunately, […]

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