Ben Stein’s Diary


Here Comes Inflation


Friday It’s almost two weeks into the New Year and it already shows signs of being just as crazy as the old year was. To begin with, my life has been upside down for about one solid year since my wife came down with what seems to be a horrible case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. […]

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Staying Out of the Cold


December 27, 2017 Here I am on The Eastern Sho’ again. It’s fantastically cold. Just cruel. My driver and dear pal, Bob Noah, and I, drove over to Oxford after I flew into DCA last night from LAX on a superfast four-hour flight. We went to the First Episcopal Church in Oxford, rested in the […]

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So This Was Christmas


Christmas Oooh, Merry Christmas, baby. Up early to write a letter of thanks to my wife to accompany the Christmas gifts I bought her. She’s a goddess/saint, so it’s easy to express happiness about her. She is as close to perfect as anyone I know and I pray she returns to health soon. She simply […]

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Ben Stein on Fox: Nancy Pelosi’s Concern About Deficit Spending


The American Spectator’s own Ben Stein had some choice words for San Fran Nan: Ben Stein: “Of course @TheDemocrats only care about the deficit when the Republicans are in power… They don’t worry about the fact that Obama added more to the deficit than all other presidents put together.” — Fox News (@FoxNews) December […]

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The Daily Miracle of Life


Wednesday A strange day. I awakened in my room in Rancho Mirage, looking out at the swimming pool and the golf course and the brown, barren mountains. I made myself a fried egg, ate it, and then went swimming. Our gardener has put a fake owl on a rope near the swimming pool to scare […]

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The Wealth Gap Between White and Black in America


Now for a few words about money and race. It’s hardly a secret that black households in this country as a group are substantially less well off than white families. The income gap between white and black families has narrowed over recent decades. But the disparity between what black households own in dollars and cents […]

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On Losing Two Friends From Yale Law


An ashen day in many ways. There are fires burning all around our bone dry Southern California. Thank God, there are none near our house in Beverly Hills, but the sky is an ominous grey color. It looks as if something terrible is about to happen, and sure enough, it did. When I went to […]

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This Country Has Gone Insane


OK. Now, it’s official. This country has gone insane. On the one hand we have one of the loopiest, wackiest dictators on earth running North Korea. This small nation, with an economy one six-hundredth that of the USA, a population roughly one one-fifteenth that of the USA, has suddenly gotten readily deliverable nuclear weapons that […]

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The World Since I Was Born


So, a few days ago was my 73rd birthday. I spent it in Rancho Mirage, near Palm Springs, with my wife and our dog, Julie, and my wife’s nurse, Gemma. I swam twice each day, on my back, looking up at the day and night sky through the palm fronds and this is what I […]

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About Those Sex Scandals in Our Modern Times


Now for a few words about the “sex scandals” rocking the nation: 1.) As usual, Mr. Trump put his finger on the exact issue about Judge Roy Moore a few days ago. A woman reporter shouted out to him something like, “Is it better to have an accused child molester in the Senate than a […]

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