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Andrew Breitbart, R.I.P.

I couldn’t believe Ross Kaminsky’s post when I saw it.

But it’s true. Andrew Breitbart is dead at the age of 43. He apparently collapsed while taking a walk near his home in Los Angeles just after midnight and never regained consciousness.

I don’t know if he had any health problems. But I do know that sometimes death comes arbitrarily, cruelly and in an instant.

Yet he did leave an imprint. A disciple of Matt Drudge, he would branch out on his own and launch and over the years scores of other websites such as Big Government and Big Hollywood providing a voice not only for himself but many others in the conservative blogosphere. If not for Breitbart, chances are James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles would have had little chance to expose the shenanigans of ACORN.

I never met Breitbart but if there is one thing I remember him for more than anything else is when he offered to donate $100,000 to the United Negro College Fund if anyone could produce videotaped evidence showing Tea Party activists shouting racial epithets at African-American Democratic Congressmen such as John Lewis and Andre Carson during demonstrations against Obamacare outside Capitol Hill in March 2010.

Nobody took Breitbart up on his offer. Here is what he wrote on April 26, 2010 after Ben Smith of Politico told him he had “pretty much won this one”:

But how does that “win” manifest itself? On April 15, the day of the Tax Day Tea Party in front of the White House, and being interviewed by ABC’s Terry Moran for Nightline set to air Tuesday night, I passionately defended the movement against the powerful racism charge that has been greatly pushed by the Congressional Black Caucus’s accusation of a 1960 Selma-like incident near the Capitol.

At least twice during the spirited questioning by Moran, bystanders screamed “racist” at me.

The power of the propaganda. The power of the repeated accusations. The power of the relentless race-based line of questioning. They are all adding up to the liars and slanderers getting exactly what they wanted. The Tea Party is marred by racism charges while Congressman Carson, at the least, should be facing an ethics investigation, and a civil rights legend should be asking for forgiveness for allowing the hateful lie to stand.

The “win” Ben Smith speaks of comes in the form of silence. Our nation is split down the middle and the press has chosen to play for one side and one side only.

The liberal media and their apologists have moved heaven and earth to characterize anyone who disagrees with President Obama from the right, be the Tea Party or any other individual or organization, as being motivated solely by malice towards his race. The liberal media can do better than this but they won’t. It is far easier to caricaturize a significant segment of the populace as violent racists rather than a community of people who legitimately disagree with President Obama’s policies. The liberal media is content to judge certain people by the color of their skin rather than by the content of their character. While many conservatives (myself included) challenged this fallacious premise, it was Breitbart who put his money where his mouth was.

So the next time a liberal calls a conservative a racist (and believe me there will be a next time) remember Andrew Breitbart’s $100,000 challenge and go boldly.

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