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About Those Antigovernment Republicans

Lost in the he said/he said shuffle between AEI and David Frum was this observation from Frum’s infamous “Waterloo” post:

But we do know that the gap between this plan and traditional Republican ideas is not very big. The Obama plan has a broad family resemblance to Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts plan. It builds on ideas developed at the Heritage Foundation in the early 1990s that formed the basis for Republican counter-proposals to Clintoncare in 1993-1994.

But that’s exactly the problem, isn’t it? A lot of what passes for “conservatism” in the Republican Party and Washington more generally is really anything but. Some of its adherents merely represent the right wing of the same governing class that wants to run our lives. There tends to be a huge gap between the way Republicans behave when they are in opposition and the way they govern when they are actually in power. If you don’t care for Frum’s advice to the GOP, then you should take a very hard look at the GOP itself.

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