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For Supreme Court, No Moore Grudges, Please


It is said that conservatives, like elephants, never forget — and apparently some of them never forgive, either. For very good reason, conservative 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge William Pryor is reportedly on President-elect Trump’s short list for a Supreme Court nomination. Strangely, some of the fiercest opposition to Pryor comes from a small […]

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Today’s Blood Libel: A Democrat Specialty


The modern political equivalent of “blood libel” is the incessant claim — sometimes by people ignorant enough to say it explicitly and sometimes by people too cowardly to say what they mean, instead resorting to cheap innuendo while slaying quivering white straw men — that Republicans are irredeemably racist. The caricature, no better than virulently […]

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President Trump Needs to Gut Regulations That Harm Effective Drug Policy


Support for President Trump is highly correlated with living in a region stricken by what are being called “deaths by despair”: skyrocketing rates of suicide, alcohol-related fatalities and most notably, relentlessly rising deaths from opioid overdose. These often-rural areas have been hit hard by job losses, with high unemployment and shredded social fabric. Not surprisingly, […]

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The Histrionics of a Fraud


Let’s dispense with the obvious — while it’s far too early for political prognostication surrounding the 2020 presidential campaign, it doesn’t take too much effort to see that the Democrats have very little in the way of worthy candidates for nomination. For this, they can thank Barack Obama and his eight years of hollowing out […]

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Stormy Weather: Brown’s Budget Holds Infrastructure Hostage


Sacramento My neighbors and I just survived a week of flood dangers, as something called an “atmospheric river” led to massive rains throughout northern California. The warmth of the rain in the Sierra Nevada melted a good bit of the snowpack, causing water to rush down the mountains and inundate those of us in the […]

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The Blacklist Returns


A group called Grab Your Wallet seeks a boycott of L.L. Bean because one of the Maine clothing company’s 50 family owners donated to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. OpenSecrets.com shows that contributions emanating from employees of the Maine company favored Democrats over Republicans this election cycle. The disparity appears especially pronounced at the presidential level. […]

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An Inaugural Address or a Rally?


At nearly 3 a.m. on Nov. 9, Donald J. Trump spoke to the world after TV networks declared him the victor in the presidential election. His remarks were short. Trump praised his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. He even reached out to those who had not supported him and asked for their guidance and “help so […]

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To Sir With Love Six Ways From Sunday


Did you notice something peculiar in our lameducky president’s farewell? In a hall filled with Democratic lifers and sundry Chicago voters (though oddly most were still very much alive), he claimed in his remarks to be speaking to “My fellow Americans.” He even acknowledged that he and perhaps a few of them out there did […]

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The Shame of Religious Persecution


Religious differences run deep in our pluralistic world. It may come as no surprise that such disagreements sometimes end up in violence. Yet that rarely is the case in what might be called Christendom. Indeed, in large part, there is little discrimination let alone persecution against spiritual minorities in majority Christian nations. The exceptions tend […]

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Twilight of Identity Liberalism


Here it is 2017, and inexhaustible black rage, a White House bathed in rainbow colors, glass ceilings and rape culture, Muslim injustice collectors, and weepy charges of white privilege seem so passé. The nation is on the threshold of something new. The hard left is in a state of narrative collapse and this-can’t-be-happening fabulation. Whatever […]

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