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Now That’s Keeping Your Eye on the Ball


Having been a little rough on President-elect Trump yesterday for tweeting about flag burning and stepping on his own positive message and laudable presidential transition progress, I’m glad to report that Mr. Trump’s next 24 hours of Twitter activity showed him keeping his eye on the ball. On Tuesday night, roughly simultaneously with the New […]

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Popular Vote Realities 2016: Trump Ascendant


“Hillary won the popular vote!” has become the mantra for those feeling major post-election blues. This makes Trump’s election, they hold, illegitimate. There are myriad problems with this assessment. First, it is constitutionally illiterate. Second, it is true only in the narrowest measure for popular support: raw numbers nationwide. Third, had millions of GOP votes […]

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Jill Stein Is (Re)Counting Her Money


Call it entrepreneurship if you will — it’s the closest to the real thing you’re going to get out of a dyed-in-the-wool socialist like failed Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. But give her credit for her efforts. Stein, who managed a little over 1 percent of the popular vote on Nov. 8 to finish […]

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Mr. President-Elect, Please Keep Your Eye on the Ball


The most common response I get from Trump supporters in my radio audience when I react negatively to his words is “You’re taking him too literally.” My first question this morning, like much of the rest of that part of the American public who don’t live neck deep in “fake news,” was: What part of […]

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Death by Fidel


Fidel Castro is dead. To say those words is so strange. I’ve never known a moment when he wasn’t alive. Castro came to power seven years before I was born, and I’m almost 50. I’ve been lecturing on the man every fall semester for 20 years, spending two or three weeks on him, his ideology, […]

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California GOP’s Final Death Throes


Sacramento The final vote tallies are in for a handful of tight legislative races. It’s now clear that California Democrats have gained supermajorities in both houses of the Legislature, meaning they can raise taxes without needing to woo any Republican votes. The state Republican Party has long abandoned hope of ever gaining majorities, but each […]

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Frightened by Trump, Inspired by Fidel


The left allows itself any number of rhetorical excesses about Donald Trump. He is a “fascist,” a dangerous “strongman,” a “tyrant” in waiting, and so forth. But when an actual tyrant dies such as Fidel Castro the left quickly adopts more measured rhetoric. Its hysterical editorialists suddenly turn sedate. They urge people to see a […]

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Willie and Phyllis: A Couple of Christmas Books


Pretty Paper By Willie Nelson with David Ritz (Blue Rider Press, 283 pages, $23) The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories By P.D. James (Alfred A. Knopf, 157 pages, $24) Books about Christmas, or with Christmassy themes, can be saccharine. Consider a couple that aren’t. Some may argue that the Willie Nelson book Pretty Paper comes close […]

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What America Needs Is a Good Dose of Bob Barr at Justice!


In an article he authored last week for townhall.com, former Congressman Bob Barr echoed the sentiments shared by me and many others who support President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of Sen. Jeff Sessions as the next attorney general. The insights offered by Barr are especially apropos considering his background. The Georgia lawyer served as the presidentially appointed […]

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What the Hell Is John Kerry Up To in Syria?


In an extraordinary column, the Washington Post’s Josh Rogin reports that our intrepid Secretary of State John Kerry, whose brilliant negotiating skills were responsible for the disastrous Iran Nuke Deal, is currently working on yet another cease-fire agreement in Syria with the Russians, all of his previous attempts having come to naught. This endeavor is […]

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