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Stephen Miller Gets the Los Angeles Times Treatment


Whenever the Los Angeles Times wants to defame a conservative but can’t find direct evidence to do so, it falls back on the “some critics say” formulation of media bias. Sure enough that craven device appears in its story on Trump adviser Stephen Miller’s high school days in Santa Monica: “Some [students] called him racist.” […]

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The Assassination of Donald Trump


The Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton. So the old saw goes, referring to the bravery and discipline of the aristocratic officers the British Army, learned while playing rugby against Harrow. The Battle of Watergate was won in the network and newspaper editorial offices. There, “an effete corps of impudent […]

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A Modest Proposal — To All Those Boycotting Members of Congress


The first time I met Democrat Maxine Waters was nearly a generation ago when she was a Member of the California State Assembly. At the State Capitol with the Republican Minority Leader of the State Assembly, I entered a “Members Only” elevator just as Assemblywoman Waters was about to close the door. She gave the […]

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John Lewis’ Moment of Untruth


I offer three thoughts in the wake of the running political theater involving Donald Trump and John Lewis, last week and the past weekend. First, that the celebration surrounding a presidential inauguration is far less about the president being inaugurated than it is about the American tradition — which is relatively unique and highly salutary […]

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Politics and Other Basic Irrelevancies


A new presidency looms — U.S. Rep. John Lewis of Georgia notwithstanding. (Question: Was Lewis, in denying, in heralded fashion, the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s Nov. 8 victory, applying for a thank-you note from Trump Tower? Was he startled not to get one?) A new presidency brings new faces, new ideas, new events, new crises. […]

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Honor Dr. King With Love, Not Hate, for the Jewish State


As we pay tribute to the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., it is necessary to distinguish between his true beliefs and the distorted exploitations of demagogues and poverty profiteers.  Dr. King would be terribly disheartened to see decades of anti-Semitism preached by African-American leaders who sell themselves as Dr. King’s heir […]

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The Blacklist Returns


A group called Grab Your Wallet seeks a boycott of L.L. Bean because one of the Maine clothing company’s 50 family owners donated to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. OpenSecrets.com shows that contributions emanating from employees of the Maine company favored Democrats over Republicans this election cycle. The disparity appears especially pronounced at the presidential level. […]

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For Supreme Court, No Moore Grudges, Please


It is said that conservatives, like elephants, never forget — and apparently some of them never forgive, either. For very good reason, conservative 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge William Pryor is reportedly on President-elect Trump’s short list for a Supreme Court nomination. Strangely, some of the fiercest opposition to Pryor comes from a small […]

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An Inaugural Address or a Rally?


At nearly 3 a.m. on Nov. 9, Donald J. Trump spoke to the world after TV networks declared him the victor in the presidential election. His remarks were short. Trump praised his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. He even reached out to those who had not supported him and asked for their guidance and “help so […]

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To Sir With Love Six Ways From Sunday


Did you notice something peculiar in our lameducky president’s farewell? In a hall filled with Democratic lifers and sundry Chicago voters (though oddly most were still very much alive), he claimed in his remarks to be speaking to “My fellow Americans.” He even acknowledged that he and perhaps a few of them out there did […]

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