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Kinder, Gentler GOP Embraces ‘Cap and Trade’


California Republican Assembly Leader Chad Mayes of Yucca Valley ought to be embarrassed today, and not just because of the front-page Sacramento Bee coverage about his alleged affair with former GOP Assembly Leader Kristen Olsen, who is now a Stanislaus County supervisor. Those allegations long swirled around the Capitol. They recently made the news after […]

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Rights to Life, Liberty, Property Deemed Optional


Let’s play a game. You get one swing at destroying the rule of law. We’ve got three contestants. Who wants to go first? Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced this week that trials are a nuisance and that brown people with cash will be presumed guilty of something something drugs something something. Civil asset forfeiture has […]

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An 820-lb. Wild Hog Is Rooting Around Your Front Porch: What’s the Protocol?


Wade Seago of Samson, Alabama, knew something was amiss when his daughter started screaming and his schnauzer started barking. From a window he could see that his dog, Cruiser, had cornered a wild hog — a very, very big wild hog — about five yards from the family’s front porch. The Seago place sprawls over […]

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The Best Corvette Ever?


One reads that the latest Corvette is the best Corvette ever, but is it? It is certainly the best-performing Corvette ever. That can’t be debated. The numbers tell the tale. It accelerates more quickly, has the highest top speed, and can lap a track at a pace no previous Corvette could match. But do the […]

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The Latest in AARP’s Greed and Duplicity 


Not since the notorious ‘Granny Off The Cliff’ ad of 2012 have Americans been subjected to a political advertisement as deceptive as the raft of commercials being broadcast daily by AARP. While people have become unfortunately more familiar with political scare campaigns over the years — particularly those targeting seniors — the latest effort by AARP is […]

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It’s Crying Time Again


You know that when a tough guy from the Balkans starts bawling in the middle of a championship match at Wimbledon that manliness isn’t what it used to be. Okay, so he was losing. That makes it understandable? The same guy who in the previous match was pumping his fist after taking the lead against […]

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Is Jeff Sessions on the Way Out?


All eyes today are on Jim Comey. Living up to President Donald J. Trump’s description as a “grandstander,” the dysfunctional, former FBI Director yesterday previewed his testimony to draw higher ratings. Comey is a performer who wants a multi-day show. Comey’s latest violation of protocol is nothing compared to his reckless and serial misconduct in […]

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Texas Is Reconvening Its Legislature


It’s tempting, at a moment when Republicans are falling just short of the votes they need to accomplish even a mild reform of Obamacare, to imagine what they could do if we just sent a few more of them to Congress. Texas offers a case study of why that just isn’t the case. The Texas […]

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Free Speech 2017 — At War With the Framers of 1787


James Madison, prime drafter of the Bill of Rights, would be appalled to find marauding mobs curbing speakers, but not surprised. This and much more that illuminates today’s struggle over freedom of speech is the subject of a compact volume, The Soul of the First Amendment, by legendary First Amendment constitutional scholar Floyd Abrams. Abrams […]

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The Enemy of My Enemy: Medicaid


As a physician, I treat Medicaid patients in New York City. Perhaps to your surprise, I can say with assurance that my patients receive good care. Those looking for a bottom-line may read no further. For those interested in the details, I will add that their good care is not without extraordinary efforts on both […]

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