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California Legislature’s Gaseous Impulses


Sacramento The California Legislature last week received a load of bad publicity because of a new law that attempts to reduce the methane output of dairy cows dramatically — putting California on the cutting edge of worldwide efforts to regulate cow flatulence. It sounds like one of those overstated internet memes, but sadly, it’s a […]

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We’re All in the Same Boat — Still


Seventy-five years ago today, Winston Churchill was pondering survival. Hitler gripped Europe from France to deep inside Russia. Nazi U-boats were strangling British shipping; Rommel’s Afrika Korps was advancing on Suez. Britain’s only ally, the Red Army, was fighting before Moscow. America remained supportive… and aloof. Eighteen months earlier he had become prime minister, because […]

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They’ve Gone Insane


I just don’t get it. People are going insane about Donald Trump being president-elect. It’s beyond the wildest anger and fear I saw even about Richard Nixon, my hero. And, as I say, I just cannot see it. For example, this morning, I got several emails from men who had been my friends since high […]

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Water for Peace in the Middle East


The media coverage of the 2016 election, and now the transition, has overshadowed a very positive development in the Middle East in last year. The Iran Deal has so endangered the security of both Israel and Saudi Arabia that both governments are becoming more open about improving ties. For example, in 2015, Dore Gold, an […]

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To America


Attention must be paid: To Wlady Pleszczynski, whose dear mother Irena passed away last month in beautiful Santa Barbara in her 90s. Growing up in terror in Poland, she came to America and found peace and the glory of this blessed land in more than sixty years of Santa Barbara life. I only met her […]

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What America Needs Is a Good Dose of Bob Barr at Justice!


In an article he authored last week for townhall.com, former Congressman Bob Barr echoed the sentiments shared by me and many others who support President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of Sen. Jeff Sessions as the next attorney general. The insights offered by Barr are especially apropos considering his background. The Georgia lawyer served as the presidentially appointed […]

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What the Hell Is John Kerry Up To in Syria?


In an extraordinary column, the Washington Post’s Josh Rogin reports that our intrepid Secretary of State John Kerry, whose brilliant negotiating skills were responsible for the disastrous Iran Nuke Deal, is currently working on yet another cease-fire agreement in Syria with the Russians, all of his previous attempts having come to naught. This endeavor is […]

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Plaintive Wails: A Month Since Trump’s Win, Still No Sign of Maturity


Conservatives, moderates, and the less-political understand this, but what happened in November was only an election. Even if it was a more-consequential-than-normal event in American politics, Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton was only an election. Barack Obama, the most politically and culturally radical figure to grace the top of the American ballot, won twice. His […]

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Prohibition Rising


December 5 was Repeal Day. Eighty-three years have passed since that dreadful social experiment, Prohibition, was killed. We think we are living in strange times — but what a weird era that was. Politics makes strange bedfellows, and what an odd coalition lobbied for Prohibition — some women, Christian fundamentalists, Nativists, racists, progressives, capitalists, socialists, […]

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Unseemly: Peoria and New York Squabble Over Fulton Sheen’s Body


The Archdiocese of New York and the Diocese of Peoria are wrangling like spoiled children over who gets a prized toy. In this case, however, the “toy” in question is the body of the late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. The cause to raise Sheen to sainthood in the Catholic Church was begun in 2002 by […]

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