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Shrillary Returns; Hillary Accuses Bernie of Smearing Her in MSNBC Debate

Against my better judgment I watched the Democrat debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on MSNBC. It will be difficult to fall asleep because I can’t get Hillary’s voice out of my ears.

The debate marked the return of Shrillary. The former Secretary of State was on the defensive about her links to Wall Street. At one point, she accused Bernie of deploying “an artful smear” against her for which drew her jeers from a mostly sympathetic crowd. If there is anyone in this country who knows about smearing people it is Hillary Clinton who then proceeded to suggest that Bernie was conspiring with Karl Rove against her and was responsible for the 2008 financial crisis. 

This isn’t to say that Bernie didn’t have a few of demagogic moments such as when he played the race card regarding the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, the Koch Brothers and the death penalty. With that said, MSNBC was pretty much in the tank for Hillary as was the case during last month’s debate on NBC. Rachel Maddow actually compared Bernie to Barry Goldwater and George McGovern in terms of his electability. Why not compare him to President Obama? Bernie was also questioned as to why he didn’t run for President on public financing (somehow I don’t think MSNBC questioned Obama for not doing so), for breaching Hillary’s voter database and claiming union endorsements his campaign did not receive. Although Hillary was asked about the e-mail scandal she got kid glove treatment by comparison.

I would be shocked if Bernie didn’t win NH by double digits. The big question is what happens after New Hampshire. 

If Hillary continues to have debate performances like this even with sympathetic moderators and stacked audiences, Democrats in the South may soon feel The Bern.


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