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Donald Trump Is No John Scott

I see that both Fred Schwarz and Marc Thiessen are trying to turn Donald Trump into the political equivalent of John Scott.

For those of you who don’t follow hockey, Scott is a journeyman NHL player who was voted onto the NHL All-Star Team as something of a joke. Scott has played with six teams in eight seasons and has scored a grand total of five goals. Known as an enforcer, Scott has spent much of his career in the penalty box.

But the joke caught on. Scott would get more votes than any other player and was not only elected to the NHL All-Star Team, but elected Captain of the Pacific Division. But the Phoenix Coyotes suddenly traded him to the Montreal Canadiens who demoted him to their AHL affiliate in St. John’s, Newfoundland. This had NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman’s fingerprints all over it as it made Scott ineligible to play the game. Scott would later pen an article in The Players’ Tribune which he stated an unnamed NHL official asked him what his children would think of him if he didn’t remove himself from the game.

Insulted at his children being brought into the discussion, Scott refused to listen to the edict and public pressure compelled the NHL to let Scott play. Commentators like Jeremy Roenick thought Scott would embarrass himself and the NHL. But it was Scott who got the last laugh scoring two goals, winning the NHL All-Star Game MVP, a new truck and accepted a $1 million check for the winning team.

Say what you will about Rence Priebus. He’s not Gary Bettman. Priebus didn’t dare demote Trump to the undercard debate nor will he squash the results of the Iowa Caucus should Trump win tonight. As far as establishment Republicans go, they’d rather have Trump than Cruz.

If Rence Priebus bares little resemblance to Gary Bettman then Trump and Scott are galaxies apart. As Alex Prewitt of Sports Illustrated put it:

Standing outside his gate, Scott knew one thing, though: Nothing about the weekend further validated anything about himself. Sure, he will forever be remembered as the enforcer who swiped the spotlight among the game’s brightest stars, the everyman who spun a joke about his limitations into a golden celebration, and maybe the influence for future All-Star voting reform. But he was also still jockeying for jobs on the fringes of the NHL. Still making league minimum. Still headed for Newfoundland.

“It’s all going to go back to the same now,” he says.

When is the last time Trump talked about his shortcomings?

Or let me put it another way. NHL All-Star Game MVP or not, Donald Trump has a better chance of becoming President of the United States than John Scott does of ever playing another NHL game.


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