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Fox News Iowa GOP Undercard Debate Post-Mortem

I have just watched the GOP undercard debate that took place in Des Moines on Fox News. Here are my observations.

Mike Huckabee – He argued that it wasn’t question of his message not working, but rather that it wasn’t getting out. Frankly what’s the difference? Don’t get me wrong. He kept up his usual good cheer. While Huck ended the debate by saying, “Hello, it’s me,” (a la Adele) I have a feeling that is his last hurrah.

Rick Santorum – The only candidate who has been at every GOP undercard debate and he isn’t happy about it. Of course, even when he was doing well in 2012 he wasn’t too happy either. The fact that he was personally thanking his supporters during his closing remarks leads me to believe that he will exiting the race after the votes are counted in Iowa on Monday night.

Carly Fiorina  – She is the greatest mystery of the entire 2016 GOP race. Fiorina is smart, thoughtful, witty and resonates with audiences. Her best moment tonight occurred when she admonished Martha McCallum for questioning Rick Santorum’s commitment to the pro-life movement because he was unable to make this year’s March for Life in DC. And yet she can’t gain any traction in the polls. Sure you can criticize her tenure at HP, but she’s never declared bankruptcy four times much less once. The only thing I would urge her to stop saying, “It’s time to take our country back,” in every single response. It’s a line that’s been used by too many Dems. That notwithstanding she ought to be doing much better than she is and it is truly a mystery why she never caught fire after dispatching with Trump in the September debate.

Jim Gilmore – If you were worried about his well-being then you can rest assured. Jim Gilmore is alive and well and says he will be the next President of the United States. If Gilmore becomes the President of the United States then I will be named the Opening Day starting pitcher for the Red Sox. But to give Gilmore his due I did like it when he said, “My Dad didn’t lend me $1 million to start my first business, but he did give me character.” He would not be a bad choice to head up the VA. We’ve done much worse.

I will be writing a post-mortem on the main debate later tonight.

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