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Trump-Cruz 2016? If Cruz Isn’t Qualified to Be Prez Then How Can He Be VP?

Jeff is calling for a Trump-Cruz ticket.

Maybe Jeff didn’t get the memo, but Trump has been arguing that Cruz isn’t qualified to be President because of his Canadian birth. In which case, if Cruz isn’t eligible to be President then how can he be eligible to be VP?

After initially stating he would not file suit during last week’s GOP debate, The Donald had changed his tune by Sunday and suggested he might file a lawsuit against Cruz after all. But who knows what Trump will say this Sunday, never mind after February 1st.

If Trump beats Cruz in Iowa, Cruz fades in the polls and Republicans coalesce around The Donald then I think Trump will say, “Ted was born in Calgary? Gee, I didn’t know that. It’s no problem for me.” At which point, a Trump-Cruz ticket would certainly be a possibility. In fact, I’m sure Cruz would be at the top of Trump’s VP list.

But the fact that Jeff is calling for a Trump-Cruz ticket right now is it a bit odd given that Trump is in the “love him not” mode at the moment. Then again it also demonstrates that Trump doesn’t believe most of what dribbles out of his mouth.

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