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Man Who Ambushed Philadelphia Police Officer Says He Did It “In The Name of Islam”; Pledges Loyalty to ISIS

The unindentified man who stands accused of shooting Philadelphia police officer Jesse Hartnett has told authorities he shot the officer “in the name of Islam.” He also pledged allegiance to ISIS.

When I heard about the attack, the first thing I thought about was Sean Collier, the MIT police officer ambushed in his cruiser by the Boston Marathon bombers.

Fortunately, Officer Hartnett has not met Collier’s fate. Despite being shot in the arm multiple times, Officer Hartnett was able to return fire and hit the suspect before he was detained by other officers.

Let us remember that this happened scarcely two hours after President Obama’s CNN town hall meeting on guns. I raised this point last night and, in light of this incident, I’ll raise it again. Anderson Cooper admits that CNN approached the White House with the idea of having the town hall meeting after the San Bernardino attacks despite the fact it was an act of Islamic terrorism.

The theme of the meeting was “Guns in America”. It is estimated that there are 270 million guns in this country. Most of the guns will never be used for nefarious purposes. The problem isn’t “Guns in America”, but rather what are done with some of them when they end up in the wrong hands. The gun used in last night’s attack was a stolen police firearm. That firearm wasn’t a threat to anyone until it made its way into the hands of that ISIS loyalist. Given that this ISIS loyalist obtained this gun illegally, an expanded background check would have been absolutely useless.

Again, all of this could have been much worse. Fortunately, Officer Hartnett’s training and his revolver came in handy. It not only saved his life, but very likely saved the lives of other people. Had Officer Hartnett been killed, this ISIS supporter might have seen fit to spill more American blood.

It would have been a much better use of our time had CNN and President Obama joined forces to have a town hall meeting on the question of Islamic terrorism. If ISIS is killing people at office Christmas parties and ambushing police officers in their cruisers then we have something which warrants serious discussion. But as CNN and President Obama have proved they are not interested in that discussion.


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