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It Took President Obama 6 Years, 1 Month & 1 Day (Or 2,222 Days) To Admit Fort Hood Was a Terrorist Attack

The only thing I have to add to Emily’s excellent summary of President Obama’s brief Oval Office address on terrorism is that he finally acknowledged that the shooting which claimed the lives of 12 soldiers, a civilian and an unborn child at Fort Hood was in fact a terrorist attack.

It took exactly six years, one month and one day (or 2,222 days) for him to state the obvious.

I would say better late than never, but every day that Obama didn’t acknowledge that Fort Hood was an act of terrorism was a day that insulted our collective intelligence. More importantly, this meant that the families of those who died there weren’t eligible for Purple Hearts and the benefits that go with them until Congress intervened late last year. Had Obama been forthcoming from the beginning he could have spared these families an enormous amount of agony. Unfortunately, the well-being of these military families didn’t serve his political agenda.

Even with Obama’s belated acknowledgement of Fort Hood, he remains unwilling to acknowledge that the religious and ideological motivation for this and other attacks on our soil be it 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombings, Chattanooga and now San Bernardino. While ISIS doesn’t speak for all Muslims, it does control vast parts of Iraq and Syria and its conquests are inspiring a critical mass of Muslims to their cause as 14 people at an office Christmas party would find out. President Obama will never acknowledge these religious and ideological motivations nor for that matter will Hillary Clinton. As long as this state of affairs prevails life in this country is going to become, to quote Hobbes, “nasty, brutish and short.”



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