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Trump is to The Left of France’s Socialist Minister of the Interior on Shutting Down Mosques

Donald Trump says this country has to consider shutting down mosques.

Not surprisingly, the Left is outraged. Madeleine Davies of writes, “The United States should fight violent religious extremism with prejudiced religious oppression, according to presidential candidate Donald Trump.” Amber Phillips of The WaPo declares, “Talking about mosques in the wake of the Paris attacks is just the latest iteration of this kind of thing from Trump. He has often gone further on these matters than many other in his own party — and found a devoted base of people who eat it up.”

But then what to make of Bernard Cazeneuve, France’s Minister of the Interior and member of the Socialist Party?

Cazeneuve is calling for “dissolution of mosques where hate is preached.” Let us also consider some of the other things Cazeneuve has done according to this piece in The Independent:

Mr Cazeneuve has been an advocate of developing a dialogue with France’s 4.7 million Muslims, calling for the government to consult twice a year with a wide range of Muslim leaders, Reuters reports.

Yet Mr Cazeneuve has also made efforts to control radicalization in France, including heightening surveillance at religious centres and moderating extremism in prisons, which has reportedly been a concern in France where around 60 per cent of the prison population is Muslim, according to a parliamentary report released last year.

Many of these criminals arrive [in prison] with little religious culture,” Farhad Khosrokhavar, a sociologist, told The Economist, “But the less you know about Islam, the more you are likely to be drawn to radicalized religion.”

France has also deported 40 Islamic spiritual leaders, or immams since 2012 for “preaching hatred”, almost a quarter of these took place in the first six months of 2015.

Earlier this year Mr Cazeneuve told AFP, any “foreign preacher of hate will be deported,” and added several mosques were being investigated for inciting terrorism would be “shut down” if found to be doing so.”

Look, I’m no fan of Trump, but let’s put this into perspective. Trump only said he would “strongly consider” shutting down mosques. When it comes to mosques in France, Cazeneuve and the French government are doing far more than strong consideration.

Let me put it another way. If a church were being used by white supremacists to plot attacks against African-Americans or the LGBT community do you think for one moment, the Left would not hesitate to have the federal government shut down such a church? When you consider that many on the Left want to revoke the tax exempt status of churches that refuse to perform same sex marriages, shutting down churches to protect African-Americans and the LGBT community from violence isn’t that much of a stretch.

Where it concerns shutting down mosques, Donald Trump is to the left of the French Socialists.

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