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The Key to Biden’s Decision is President Obama

It is being reported that Joe Biden will announce his plans for 2016 within the next 48 hours.

Why draw attention to this unless is Biden is running?

Conventional wisdom would dictate that with Hillary’s strong performance in last week’s Democrat debate, Biden would stay out. But Hillary wasn’t exactly competing against the fearsome foursome. Hillary might not be so confident around an experienced debater like Biden.

My guess is the fit is about to hit the shan with regard to, as Bernie Sanders put it, “her damn e-mails” and Hillary’s forthcoming testimony to the Benghazi Committee. Sanders might have wanted to take the e-mails off the table, but it could be the case that these e-mails can’t be deleted from public discussion.

But the key to Biden’s decision is President Obama. If Biden doesn’t run it tells me that Obama is confident that Hillary will win in 2016. In which case, why upset the apple cart? But if things are only going to get worse for Hillary and if Obama doesn’t want Sanders then they need to have a Plan B. That would be B as in Biden.

Then again if Joe Biden is the best alternative to Hillary then it sure tells you a lot about the Democratic Party.

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