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What Bothers Me About The Ankara Bombings

A few things have been bothering me about the two bombings in Ankara, Turkey on Saturday which claimed the lives of 97 people.

The Turkish government claims that ISIS is primarily responsible for act, but Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu also claims that the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) was also involved.

If ISIS is indeed the culprit, why haven’t they claimed responsibility? ISIS is not known for its modesty.

As for the PKK, why would they target a protest led by their fellow Kurds namely the HDP (Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party)? I know the PKK aren’t total angels and do have links to Assad in Syria. Yet it doesn’t seems particularly plausible. It’s even less plausible that ISIS and PKK would plot an attack together given that the PKK has been fighting ISIS in Iraq since last year.

What also bothers me is that in the aftermath of the explosion the police used tear gas against protesters and would not let ambulances through to treat the wounded.

It should not be forgotten that the HDP stunned Davutoglu and President Erdogan during parliamentary elections last June. At the time, I wrote:

But has Erdogan really learned a lesson in humility? Given that Erdogan sought to expand his powers, I find it hard to believe he still doesn’t want to expand them.

If a governing coalition cannot be cobbled together then it will likely force new elections. In which case, Erdogan will have another opportunity to consolidate power and don’t think for a moment that he won’t seize the opportunity by hook or by crook.

Well, with new elections taking place on November 1st and given Erdogan and Davutoglu’s reputation for not brooking dissent is it beyond the realm of possibility that AKP (Justice & Development) could have orchestrated an attack against their own people as a means to consolidate power? It wouldn’t be the first time.

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