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No Wonder Hillary Said, “Thank You, Bernie, Thank You!!!”

I did not watch much of the Democratic debate this evening as I had the good sense to watch the Mets and Dodgers instead. 

But I am curious about one thing. Why did Bernie Sanders prop up Hillary Clinton when he said “Enough with your damn e-mails”?

I don’t doubt that a good segment of the Left doesn’t care about the e-mails. But there is also a segment of Democrats who find Hillary to be vulnerable where it concerns honesty and trustworthiness and Sanders just took that matter off the table.

Sanders did preface his comment by saying, “Let me say something that may not be politically smart.” When I hear something like that, I can only guess that Sanders thought his presidential bid would be a quixotic exercise and be relegated to the also ran status of Lincoln Chafee, Martin O’Malley and James Webb. Instead, his candidacy has taken off into something altogether unexpected. Deep down I don’t think Bernie Sanders wants to be President while Hillary Clinton wants to be President more than life itself. Is it any wonder that Hillary gave Bernie a great big hug and said, “Thank you, Bernie, Thank you”?

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