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Trump Fighting the Good Fight? Not!

In his latest on Donald Trump, my AmSpec colleague Jeff Lord praises The Donald as a fighter. Jeff writes, “What was Donald Trump doing just yesterday? He was fighting. Fighting with Fox. And before that? With Jorge Ramos. With Univision. With Megyn Kelly. With CNN. With Rosie O’Donnell.”

O.K., so we know who Donald Trump is fighting. But what exactly is Donald Trump fighting for?

The Donald makes for good TV. But so does the WWE. By this standards perhaps we should elect Vince McMahon or John Cena to the White House. I say this in all seriousness because we should consider Jeff’s assessment of the recently departed Scott Walker:

Meanwhile there was Scott Walker busy talking. He was talking… talking… talking. Here’s a sample Walker quote from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel a while back:

“We’ll talk about a number of things, from health care to national security, in the next couple weeks. We’ll roll out a couple of those before the next debate,” he said Thursday. “And then, in the weeks following that, on tax policy and other issues out there.”

No offense to Governor Walker but….Yawn.

Apparently things like health care, national security and tax policy are boring. So why talk about “boring things” when you can call Megyn Kelly “a bimbo”? Let’s put it this way. If your top priority is hearing someone call Megyn Kelly a bimbo, then Donald Trump is your man. But if your top priorities are boring things like health care, national security, and tax policy it would be wise to look elsewhere, especially considering Trump’s praise of single-payer health care in Canada and Scotland just last month

With Walker now out of the race, Carly Fiorina deserves a serious look. Interesting that Jeff doesn’t mention her among the people Trump’s been fighting. Could that be because Carly wiped the floor with Donald in the last debate? Frankly, Trump isn’t intelligent enough to be in the same room with Fiorina.

It certainly didn’t escape National Review editor Rich Lowry’s notice when he observed, “Let’s be honest: Carly cut his ****s off with the precision of a surgeon, and he knows it.” Trump responded by tweeting, “Incompetent @RichLowry lost it tonight on @FoxNews. He should not be allowed on TV and the FCC should fine him!” Calling upon the federal government to silence critics is not the mark of a fighter. This is someone who wants others to fight his battles for him.

No Jeff Lord article in praise of Trump would be complete without likening him to Ronald Reagan:

Why was Ronald Reagan so popular with the American people? Because, old actor that he was, he knew about show-don’t tell. When the air traffic controllers went on strike in August of 1981, Washington talked. From Capitol Hill to the pundit class they talked about the issues involved, they talked about what Reagan couldn’t do. They talked, talked, talked. Reagan issued a warning to the strikers: Go back to work or I will fire you by a time certain. They didn’t believe him so he walked out into the heat of an August day in the Rose Garden when the deadline was up, his Secretary of Transportation at his side — and fired them. He didn’t talk — he was showing. He was showing that he could and would fight. As history later recorded, among those sitting up and taking concerned notice was the leadership of the Soviet Union. And they would, as history shows, have reason to be concerned.

What Donald Trump is about every day of his life is fighting — action — doing. You don’t build a Trump Tower or the vast empire that is the Trump Organization by talking about it. You do. You show. You fight.

Ronald Reagan fought the good fight when it came to ending an illegal, wild-cat strike by the air traffic controllers that was compromising public safety. Ronald Reagan fought the good fight when it came to putting The Cold War to an end. But Donald Trump does NOT fight the good fight. He fights out of vanity. He fights for light and transient causes. Sometimes he just fights for the sake of fighting.

Reagan might not have been thrilled with the media, but could you imagine him calling a female news anchor a bimbo? Could you imagine Reagan ejecting a reporter from a news conference for asking him a tough question? Could you imagine Reagan calling upon the FCC to fine a journalist who had said something critical of him?

The answers are no, no and no. And why is that? Because Ronald Reagan was a gentleman who knew when to fight and when to keep his sword at his side. Donald Trump is no gentleman. Nor is he much of a fighter.

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