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Kerry: If Congress Rejects Iran Deal Then We’re Screwing The Ayatollah

Get a load of what John Kerry told Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic the other day about how he sees a Congressional rejection of the Iran nuclear deal:

“The ayatollah constantly believed that we are untrustworthy, that you can’t negotiate with us, that we will screw them,” Kerry said. “This”—a congressional rejection—“will be the ultimate screwing.” He went on to argue that “the United States Congress will prove the ayatollah’s suspicion, and there’s no way he’s ever coming back. He will not come back to negotiate. Out of dignity, out of a suspicion that you can’t trust America. America is not going to negotiate in good faith. It didn’t negotiate in good faith now, would be his point.”

Kerry also said that his chief Iranian interlocutor, the foreign minister, Javad Zarif, and Zarif’s boss, the (relatively) reformist president, Hassan Rouhani, would be in “serious trouble” at home if the deal falls through.

The feelings of the Ayatollah is not the concern of the United States Congress nor is the political standing of either Rouhani or Zarif. The only thing that should be of concern to Congress is our national security and those of our allies. 

The Ayatollah believes we’re untrustworthy? This would be the same regime which stormed our embassy and held 52 Americans hostage for over a year. I would add this regime is holding four Americans hostage at this very moment. Congress shouldn’t give a damn about the Ayatollah’s feelings.

As for Rouhani & Zarif, the only person who could put them into any kind of trouble is the Ayatollah. Whether Rouhani runs again is entirely up to the Ayatollah.

It’s bad enough that John Kerry is a useful idiot. It’s even worse that that this useful idiot has the responsibility of negotiating our national security interests and is instead negotiating on behalf of our enemies.




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