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Shame Old Shame Old From Obama

President Obama is mad. Not raving mad, thankfully, just boiling mad. He used the awesome power of his office to make a public pronouncement berating Republicans, or 90% of them at any rate.

Shame on them for not passing his common sense gun reforms. He called them and none could even offer a coherent argument. They let down the parents of Newtown. They would not try to save our kids. This despite his straightforward campaign in which he told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. On the other side were lobbyists, well-funded lobbyists, using lies and scare tactics. Why, 90% of Americans backed this bill, including 80% of NRA members. Yet these awful lobbyists flush with cash managed to psych out a minority of gun owners to the point that they threatened their lawmakers until they surrendered in terror.

When listening to a tirade of that sort, it is always fascinating to pick up the interplay between the accusation that people who think like this are vicious predatory menacing creeps and the sneering intimation that such people are blundering dunderheaded lummoxes. Which is it, are they mean or are they dumb? Are they more to be pitied or more to be censured? In either case, the President is mad.

In fact, he was so caught up into the spirit of ranting and raving that he even took the opportunity to criticize the Senate rule requiring 60 votes for cloture. This from the man who famously delivered a speech in the Senate (when Republicans had the majority) explaining how the 60-vote rule preserved the unique role of the Senate as a deliberative body.

Putting the hypocrisy aside, this tirade was something remarkable for a sitting President. Leaders of nations are people we look to for gracious behavior, judicious expression, and the ability to appreciate the good will of those who hold opposing views. Apparently President Obama would love to show respect to the other side of the issue, if someone could demonstrate to him that one even exists.

Sure enough, within hours my friends on the left were sending me posters saying “Shame On You, Republicans” and similar sentiments.

Well, at the risk of giving away just how stupid and/or mean I am, I will declare the opposite: “Shame on you, President Obama.”

The starting point is the Newtown massacre. Children sit defenseless in a schoolhouse with no security in place. In walks a fruitcake who stole his mother’s gun and starts shooting. Many teachers and students are killed. This is a senseless, terrible tragedy. Something must be done.

So what is the plan? Surely you will do something to defend the helpless kids who are sitting ducks. Will you bring in guns to defend them? No. Will you install state of the art 911 buttons? No. Will you create a rapid response program, an electric eye in each classroom programmed to spot certain danger signs and sound the alarm? No again.

In short, any plan involving actual defense, actual response, actual concern, actual involvement, actual training, actual avoidance, is nixed. More important to engage in some abstract philosophical debate about the rules for gun purchases. This despite the fact that even if some new rule is put in place it will be impossible to enforce with a police force already incapable of keeping out either drugs or entire human beings.

Shame on you, President Obama. We gave you the power to protect our children and you refuse to use it. You actually sue a state which tries to prevent people from crossing our borders. So it is common sense to try to keep guns out of the hands of killers but not common sense to try to keep killers out of our country?

Ask yourself this question, dear liberal friends, and if you answer it honestly within your own heart you will expose the shameful political predator sitting in the Oval Office. If a school massacre was perpetrated by an illegal immigrant, would Obama recommend common sense legislation to protect the border from criminals entering without a background check?

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