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CNN’s Persistent Bias

Over the past week as I’ve been on vacation in the Caribbean, the only television news source I’ve had has been CNN.

I’ve decided it should be called the Clinton Nepotism Network, though you can probably find equally suitable replacements for the second word. (Nauseating?)

The bias of every CNN host I’ve seen, including Gloria Borger, Erin Burnett, Ashleigh Banfield, Christiane Amanpour, Wolf Blitzer, and the fawning Piers Morgan whose reportage has been the equivalent of french-kissing the entire Clinton family, has been disgusting and depressing to see. The only talking head who has seemed even slightly close to reasonable is Anderson Cooper.

CNN gave copious air time to Bill Clinton’s “interview” of Barack Obama, followed by Piers Morgan’s sycophantic pro-Clinton propagandistic interview of Bill in which Morgan said that Senator Ted Cruz’s Senate colleagues think Cruz is “crackers” (getting a guffaw out of Bubba) and suggested that the US is extremely fortunate to have the Clinton family, including Chelsea.

But the worst of the bias was in their coverage of Cruz’s filibuster. They parroted the liberal media’s title of “fauxlibuster.” They repeatedly talked about Cruz receiving “intense criticism from both sides of the aisle.” They first talked about Cruz reading “Green Eggs and Ham” without mentioning he was reading it as a bedtime story to his children. They repeatedly highlighted John McCain’s criticism of Cruz which is, no doubt, another badge of honor for the freshman senator.

And the worst of the worst was a blurb at the bottom of the screen during the liberal Erin Burnett’s “Out Front” show which said (and I may get the first half of this slightly wrong, but you’ll get the idea): “Cruz speaks against Obamacare for 21 hours, then votes with the Dems.”

What’s wrong with that characterization?

The vote that they’re describing ended up 100-0.

They could just as easily have said “Harry Reid today voted with the Republicans.”

One might think that CNN would see the tremendous failure of persistently leftist MSNBC and the success of Fox News and at least conclude that truly balanced news would do better than serving as yet another tool in the Obama Ministry of Propaganda. But clearly they don’t see it that way.

Since I’m on vacation, I didn’t yell at the TV when hearing CNN’s tripe. But if it’s any measure of the obviousness and intensity of CNN’s bias, my mostly non-political wife could be heard repeatedly calling out the CNN tools throughout the past few days.

CNN…it’s not just for news anymore. Now its primary purpose is to assist in the future political aspirations of anyone named Clinton.  Yeech.

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