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The Foolish & Silly Things I Write About

I am not quite sure what to make of Benjamin Brophy’s response to my piece about the liberal media’s newfound crusade to change the name of the Washington Redskins. 

On one hand, Brophy calls the piece “thoughtful”. On the other hand, he asserts the piece “represents little more than an opportunity to stick our foot in our collective mouth.” So am I being thoughtful or thoughtless?

In one breath, Brophy characterizes the efforts of Slate and company to expunge Redskins from their publications as a “faux controversy.” In the next breath, he deems the name Redskins as “offensive.” So is there a controversy or isn’t there?

Brophy contends that Native Americans have been protesting the Redskins name since 1992. “That’s Native Americans, not liberals up on their high horse,” writes Brophy. Well, those Native Americans who sued the Redskins and the NFL to have the Redskins’ trademark cancelled were also left-wing activists, one of whom worked in the Carter Administration. I maintain that most Native Americans who aren’t left-wing activists don’t give a damn what Washington calls its football team. 

Brophy concludes his piece as follows:

I recognize Daniel Snyder’s right to call his team whatever he darn well pleases, but for conservatives to alienate potential voters in defense of that right is foolish. It’s our inability to avoid media-driven storms like this that allows the left to continually paint us as racists.

I am not seeking elected office as a Republican, conservative or under any other banner. What I am is a writer who is putting forth a particular argument which people are free to accept, reject or ignore as they see fit. My argument might be popular or it might be unpopular but it is my argument to make.

By Brophy’s own admission this is a small issue. If that is the case then how it can such a small issue alienate potential voters? In the grand scheme of things, I’m not sure how shedding light on the dogma of the liberal media is going to alienate potential voters. If my position on the Redskins does alienate potential voters, I submit those potential voters aren’t likely to support GOP or conservative candidates in the first place. 

I hate to break it to Brophy but The Left will continue to paint conservatives as racist until the day conservatism in the United States dies. Calling conservatives racist comes as naturally to the Left as inhaling and exhaling. Today, left-wing periodicals have ceased mentioning “Redskins” because they deem it offensive and unsuitable for public consumption. Tomorrow, left-wing periodicals might very well see fit to cease to mention the word “conservative” and “Republican” because they deem it offensive and unsuitable for public consumption. One might scoff at such a notion. But can we really put anything past The Left?

If coming to the defense of Daniel Snyder’s right to keep his team’s name is foolish and silly then I plead guilty. As such, I resolve to continue to write about foolish and silly things such as liberty and freedom of speech. 

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