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More Abortion Clinic Horror

The Christian Post is reporting on yet another abortion clinic that is sub-standard and endangers the health of women. The state of Delaware is looking into five incidents where women were rushed to the hospital as a result of their procedures at the clinic. Unsurprisingly, the clinic is a Planned Parenthood institution. One nurse, who has left the clinic, compared their practices to a “meat-market” where patients were rushed in and out of the operating room, leaving blood on the floor and creating an environment where mistakes could easily be made.

Local government officials are already hedging and abortion defenders are working as hard as they can to demonstrate they will “fix” the problem:

Mary Peterson, director of Delaware’s HHS, told the local station that the state simply “doesn’t have the manpower to do routine inspections” of abortion clinics. HHS investigators went to the clinic in October 2012 to look into the allegations about unsafe practices, but said they didn’t find any evidence of the violations cited by the two nurses.

The state is, however, looking into the five medical emergencies that were reported at the clinic from January through March.

One patient is threatening to sue Planned Parenthood, and claims that she’s endured health problems following an abortion procedure at the clinic, according to WPVI-TV.

Ruth Lytle-Barnaby, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Delaware, released a statement on Wednesday announcing that she’s “enacting immediate personnel changes” at the clinic, and even invited a “team of medical experts” from its national office to inspect the facility.

Yet again, we are faced with an abortion clinic that has slipped through regulatory cracks because local government is either afraid of the abortion lobby, too undermanned to do anything, or both, depending on what explanation you choose to believe. It’s hard to imagine a string of animal hospitals with the same number of abuses being allowed to remain open.

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