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Muslim, Er, Youth Riots in Sweden

As London reels from the beheading of a British soldier, 1,200 miles away in Stockholm, Muslims, er, youths have been rioting in the streets of Stockholm and elsewhere in Sweden for the past four nights. 

News outlets such as Reuters are focusing on the economic policies of Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt who leads the Moderate Party which is the country’s main conservative party. Reinfeldt’s administration which came to power in 2006 has cut taxes and reduced state benefits. While Sweden’s economic growth is amongst the best in Europe, it “has the fastest growing inequality of any OECD nation.”

But are these “youths” Keynesians in the rough?

This chain of events began ostensibly with the police shooting of a 69-year old man wielding a machete. But as Michael Graham notes:

Maybe if we knew the name of this “69-year old wielding a machete”, maybe that would help? But I searched 10 news stories and never found his name. But I did find a lot of coverage of some other fellas in Europe recently wielding a machete. They cut the head off of a British soldier in the streets of London yesterday.

Hmmm….something there?

Sweden’s Muslim population nearly doubled between 1998 and 2011 (3.2% to 6.1%). The time has probably come from Sweden to limit Muslim immigration and deport those (without Swedish citizenship) who were involved in these riots. Otherwise, the situation will devolve to what is occurring in Britain where you have the spectre native born Britons coming under the influence of radical Islam and attacking their own country as we saw with the London Underground Bombings in 2005 and with the murder of Lee Rigby in broad daylight on Wednesday. 

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