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Scheer Stupidity

There’s no leftist like an old leftist.

Over at Truthdig, Robert Scheer downplays the significance of the Boston Marathon Bombings by arguing that the U.S. inflicted “277 million Boston Bombings” on Laos during the Vietnam War:

To this day, antipersonnel weapons—the technologically refined version of the primitive pressure cooker fragmentation bombs exploded in Boston—maim and kill farmers and their children in the Southeast Asian killing fields left over from our country’s past experiment in genocide. An experiment that as a sideshow to our obsession with replacing French colonialism in Vietnam involved dropping 277 million cluster bomblets on Laos between 1964 and 1973.

It’s a leftist canard older than Scheer. Our soldiers are no better than the Tsarnaev brothers. War is terrorism.

It’s also a load of rubbish.

Scheer has a very loose notion of what genocide is. The idea that U.S. troops deliberately killed civilians in Laos over a period of a decade is preposterous. I’m not arguing that there weren’t atrocities committed against civilians during the War in Vietnam. But in war there are rules of engagement. When the My Lai Masscare occurred those responsible were arrested and court martialed. Terrorism accords no such propriety.

It never ceases to amaze me how the Left seeks to minimize attacks on our country by arguing that we are far worse and thus those who stood on Boylston Street somehow deserved their fate. These arguments are sheer stupidity. Or in this case, Scheer stupidity.


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