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Yes, Mr. Sirota, There Are White, Muslim Terrorists

When David Sirota hoped the person or people responsible for bombing the Boston Marathon would be a “white American”, I asked, “Can’t a terrorist be both white & Muslim?”

Yes, Mr. Sirota, there are white, Muslim terrorists.

Granted, I was thinking more along the lines of a convert to Islam like John Walker Lindh. 

Nevertheless, Chechens are both Caucasian and Muslim. 

While it’s certainly possible for non-Muslims to commit terrorism, we do ourselves a disservice by being afraid to cause offense and refuse to consider the possibility that Muslims are responsible for these acts of evil.

Whether the Tsarnaev brothers were part of a terrorist cell or inspired by the words of a jihadist, this is a scene that has to come to pass in New York, Washington, D.C., Bali, Madrid, London, Jerusalem, Fort Hood and now here in Boston. A critical mass of the Muslim world (regardless of race and national origin) is at war with U.S. and Western Civilization. To pretend otherwise would be foolish.

But I cannot stop David Sirotas of the world from engaging in such foolishness. I and others can only expose their folly.

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