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Real Men Drink Scotch

There are days that I am afraid I am becoming a caricature of the old man on his porch yelling about “kids these days.” It is hard to watch them continually imbibe swill like Natural Light and Milwakees Best. College kids live and die by cheap beer. And in the interest of full dislosure, I too fell victim to drinking really terrible booze in college.

Indeed, at 22, I was perfectly content to imbibe copious amounts of such swill as “Natty Light” and Jose Cuervo. Looking back, the complete inability to savor, well, anything, led to a very unsophisticated usage of alcohol. In short, drinking scotch quickly would be a terrible idea.

Perhaps it is a sign of maturation that I have recently turned to Scotch whisky. Scotch is the latest in a long line of expensive hobbies that I have acquired, but what is a man without a lovable vice?

I am quite the novice in terms of Scotch tasting, but what I lack in experience I make up in vigor. To date, I’ve found that my favorite Scotch is Lagavulin 16. I love the full-bodied and smokey taste that has come to mark Lagavulin. The reason this scotch tastes so smokey is its geographic location in Islay, Scotland. Peat and moss are plentiful in Islay and this seeps into the barrels and water used in the distilling process. Since 1816, the Lagavulin distillery has been crafting this rich scotch. The maturation process takes 16 years, the longest of the classic malt offerings.

Good things take time. Perhaps the immaturity of youth undervalues that which takes such considerable crafting.

So I appeal to you college-age drinkers: put down that awful beverage, it doesn’t have to be this way! Try some scotch or perhaps a craft beer or even a bourbon this weekend. But don’t drink vodka. Ron Swanson puts it best. “Clear alcohol is for rich women on diets.”

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